Faith & Freedom


A nation that does not value faith and freedom will not long prosper.

  • Traditional faith and our First Amendment rights to speak truth are the lynchpin of our young democracy.
    • Americans in recent times have experienced extraordinary attacks on their freedom of religion, freedom of the press and their First Amendment rights to free speech.
    • The Bill of Rights was derived from the Antifederalists who were arguing that the amendments were necessary to curb the national government, which they feared would be too strong and abusive of popular liberties.  Certainly their fear is a common day reality.
    • Christina believes firmly that Religious and Civil liberties should not be infringed upon by the federal government or any bureaucratic extension of the federal government.
  • Christina’s personal faith.
    • Christina is an imperfect person, who values deeply Scripture and having spiritual guidance to help her in her purpose-driven life as a born-again Christian. She was raised in the Methodist church, studied business at a small Christian School and was baptized in her early adult life at a local non-denominational Christian church. Christina and her family are members at Marlboro Christian Church. Christina knows and understands that Christian ideas were one of the most important intellectual influences on our Founders. Like our founding was deeply shaped by Christian moral truths, Christina’s life experiences and walk have been shaped by Christian morality. She is thankful to live in a nation that is hospitable to Christianity and to the practitioners of other traditional religious beliefs and will adamantly defend faith and freedoms. If we lose sight of these values of faith, freedom and hard work, America will cease to be great. Christina boldly walks in her faith knowing that she has been saved from her sins, experiencing a new type of humility and also an explosion of confidence because her ability and direction are no longer capped at what she can’t do but are made perfect in what God can do. Christina believes when we fix our hearts and attention on Jesus, the founder, the author of our faith, things begin to change.