Defending Life


  • It is our duty to protect the most vulnerable in our society. When first responders arrive on the scene, their first action is to check for a pulse. A child’s heartbeat can be detected as early as 5 weeks. Christina has lead the fight to protect unborn children with beating hearts as well as their mothers from the horrific abortion industry in our nation. Christina has consistently championed restoring constitutional rights for the unborn and has served as the lead sponsor of the Heartbeat Bill in Ohio. As a woman, her voice has been especially impactful in the culture of sustaining and defending innocent life. Our goal should be to defund Planned Parenthood while providing alternative solutions to abortion so when women do not feel empowered to keep their babies, those babies can still have the right to life and their American dream. Growing up with foster brothers and sisters as well as experiencing the loss of a child through miscarriage, Christina has become a passionate champion for women and children and is pursuing innovative ways to Connect Our Kids while serving in an advisory role to help eradicate systemic foster and adoption issues in our state and nation by utilizing technology for efficient placement of our children into fitting homes. Christina is also currently working on breaking down government barriers to free up vital financial resources needed to serve our children who are in record need of placement and caring homes due to the widespread trauma and reality inflicted by the opioid and heroin epidemic.

Opioid crisis

  • Ohio is the unfortunate national leader in opioid deaths per annum. In fact, accidental deaths by overdose are #1 in the state. There needs to be an all-hands-on-deck solution partnering with better rehab programs intended to cycle people off of drug usage, coupled with aid from non-governmental organizations, the healthcare industry, holistic and homeopathic medicine and our churches to find more effective methods of treating pain as 80% of overdose situations stem from an overuse of painkillers. We need leaders who are willing to face these issues head on and encourage well-rounded solutions to saving lives.


Infant mortality

  • As a mother it breaks Christina’s heart to know that nearly 7 out of every 1000 births ends in infant mortality in our state. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is a sure and simple way to begin taking control of this issue. We need conservative women like Christina leading on these tough issues to provide pragmatic solutions that save lives.