Jobs & Economy

High taxes and excessive regulation push jobs overseas, reduce wages, and create a smaller economy for everyone. Reducing the burdens on the American economy, and creating fair trade deals, will lead to an explosion of new jobs, wealth and opportunity.

Tax reform

  • The tax code should be simple and straightforward—easy enough to be completed on a postcard, letting you retain as much as possible. The taxes you do pay should be invested wisely in infrastructure and security so you can actually enjoy the return-on-investment (ROI). Christina has a record of cutting taxes and returning those dollars to  small business owners and the hard-working middle class. When Christina helped Ohio eliminate the estate tax, farmers and small business owners could then more easily invest in future generations of job-creators and keep what their families worked so hard to create. Christina is for lowering taxes in every way possible.


Regulatory reform

  • Just as President Trump has eliminated 16 regulations for every new one implemented, all federal agencies should be reduced, and yes, some like the Department of Education should be eliminated altogether. A great place to start is by cutting the programs identified by Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as being ineffective and/or duplicative. Christina believes in streamlining operations to keep citizens safe without stonewalling economic development. Stop the dichotomy of a local grain mill receiving a state award while at the same time being attacked by the federal EPA.

Trade reform

  • Empower our workforce and our manufacturers with a priority of Made in America Again. America First trade couples the benefits of free and fair trade within the framework of what’s best for the American worker.

Energy reform

  • The Rust Belt needs to be transformed into the Steel Valley once again. Since President Trump eliminated the TPP and instituted a more effective and efficient EPA, Ohio has begun realizing a growth in energy output. In many ways the federal government can also restore state’s rights to define the energy portfolio that best fits their state economy and energy demands. Ohio has a long term opportunity to be a leading exporter of natural gas; we should support this renaissance in our state to show the nation what energy independence can do for the American economy, our local supply chains and our overall position in the world.

Infrastructure investment

  • While we’re over $20 trillion in debt, we should not be spending trillions more on infrastructure. Instead, we should be looking for more innovative ways to privatize so America can once again be on par with the world.



  • Although there is really no need for a Department of Education, as long as it is in existence, we should adamantly fight for school choice. Education equality for every student regardless of race, creed or zip code. We should also recognize all forms of higher education to encompass real world opportunities such as obtaining education and careers in the skilled-trades. One doesn’t have to go to college to be successful; there are many options. We need to invest more heavily in apprenticeship programs, teaching students a trade, which will receive a better ROI than saddling them with insurmountable student debt.

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