publishes anti-Christian, sexist attack piece on Christina Hagan

Today published an anti-Christian, sexist attack piece on not just Christina Hagan for being an outspoken woman and proudly professing her faith.

Vilifying Christina as a “resident of the party’s lunatic fringe,” “a member in good standing of…the GOP’s ‘caveman caucus,’” with “Trump, Bannon, and Jesus Christ, not necessarily in that order,” the author seeks to assassinate Christina’s character by labeling her as “part of the blind spot those on the religious right have.”

The deep personal faith that triggers Brent Larkin to slander Christina has helped motivate during the hardest times of her life. It’s Christina’s faith that calls her to be a public servant, a leader, and always try to help those most in need. At just 22-years-old, Christina became the youngest female ever to be elected to the Ohio statehouse. When she is elected as Congresswoman in 2018, Christina will be the youngest Congresswoman in this nation’s history.

It is sad to see that the same Judeo-Christian principles that help guide many founding fathers throughout their life and the creation of this country is the same one that infuriates Mr. Larkin. People like Christina act out their faith in their everyday lives by loving God and  serving their communities and the people in them.

Rather than  mocking Christina’s personal faith and insulting all believers whose religion helps guide them, and Brent Larkin have only exposed their own religious bigotry and sexism. Christina will never give up the fight for women, Christians and anyone else who is persecuted and singled-out for what they believe in.

Despite repeated invitations, was the only major newspaper in the region not to cover Christina’s December 18th rally where hundreds of middle-class voters came to voice their support. The so-called reporters at seem to prefer to write fake news hit pieces while the people of Ohio’s 16th congressional district have already made Christina the frontrunner in the race. Christina is the only candidate with significant name ID who will go to Washington to work for the people.