Christina Hagan Tops Newsmax’s 30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30

Today Newsmax announced its selection of the top 30 influential Republicans under 30 for 2018.

Ohio State Rep. Christina Hagan, who’s currently running for Congress in Ohio’s 16th district, was named #6:

“In 2011, while still in college and waiting tables at two restaurants, Hagan became the youngest woman ever elected to the Ohio House of Representatives and has been re-elected by larger and larger margins each year since. Now 29,” Newsmax stated. “Hagan has held multiple leadership positions including Midwest chair of the ALEC Women’s Caucus and chair of the Electoral College in Ohio for then-President-elect Donald Trump.”

When elected to Congress, Christina Hagan will be the youngest Congresswoman in our nation’s history.

Hagan is the frontrunner for Ohio’s 16th congressional district in the Republican primary, which will take place Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

Source: Krausz, J. (2018, January 30). Newsmax’s 30 most influential Republicans under 30. Retrieved from